Obesity Drops Slightly in Youth

A little bit of good news is big in the battle against obesity in American youth. Obesity dropped slightly in some large cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Though the larger trend doesn’t match the drop, at least the public health people who work on obesity have some indication their efforts can work. That’s important because for many years it has appeared that very little is effective and there might not be much in the way of ready solutions.

Obesity is tied to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It costs the nation tremendously in healthcare and lost productivity. It also has an effect on the military because there are fewer young people of an acceptable physical fitness level. Even our national defense is impacted by obesity, because it is so widespread.

There are so many factors involved – including the sedentariness of a society that has too many media options – that the problem can appear overwhelming. So any good news, though very small, is encouraging. The slight decrease actually might also be related to the tough economic times because there is less money available for frivolous spending, such as recreational eating.

One of the best things to do to lose weight and become healthier is simply to stop eating all junk food. As Dr. Mark Hyman pointed out there is no junk food – there is only junk and food. Eating junk damages our health.

Image Credit: Public Domain, Wikipedia